Noel Wright Architects - Conservation Listed Country House Mill Cottage South Downs Farmhouse


For us conservation is about understanding old buildings and what makes them special, and having skills and experience in sensitively adapting those buildings to change and modern requirements.

How to carry out work on old buildings often calls for ingenuity. The challenge is to carefully adapt what is there and preserve its essential qualities whilst finding spatial and technical solutions to solve problems.

Buildings often acquire a history which forms a key part of their special interest. Our intention may be to seek to allow that history to be clearly read, with the changes we are responsible for simply adding a further chapter. It may be more successful to make new additions have a character of their own, rather than seeking to directly imitate the building they are attached to. In this you may identify an attitude which is consistent with our 'contemporary' philosophy. In other situations it may be more relevant to simply introduce good repair techniques consistent with traditional building practice.

Where a building is 'listed' specific procedures are imposed for alteration work on the building, through Listed Building Consent. A good dialogue with the local authority's Conservation Officer is usually invaluable. We also find it essential to appreciate the breadth and impact of technical requirements at an early stage as this 'whole picture' may impact on the acceptability of the design scheme.