Racing Car Garage New House, Port Isaac 1970's House Refurbishment


The Roman architect Vitruvius wrote that a good building possesses 'firmness, commodity and delight'. Two thousand years later, his words are still as true as ever.

Our idea of contemporary design is often simply that by approaching design problems with an open mind, we may find good solutions for today and tomorrow. We see good contemporary design as being a logical reflection of the thought and circumstances in which it is conceived. It need not be about novelty or being different for the sake of it.

The building should serve you, not the other way round.
Our solutions aim to:

  • make your living experience better
  • provide a sense of delight and pleasure
  • be convenient and adaptable to your needs
  • do these things as effortlessly and invisibly as possible

These objectives emphasise clarity and simplicity, rather than fussiness and complexity.