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interiors & detail

We don't set out to offer you interior design as a specific service, and we don’t profess to be interior designers. However, we are conscious that much of what we do will have a direct bearing on how interior spaces look and function. Details such as kitchen and bathroom design, lighting, interior joinery and high quality stone and wood floor finishes make a big contribution to the overall quality of the project, and benefit from careful selection in parallel with the way any space is designed.

We are experienced with a wide range of materials and work with specialist suppliers and designers to develop and produce interior design solutions.

Therefore we are keen to encourage you to convey to us a sense of where your taste and aspirations lie from the beginning. Kitchens and bathrooms, for example, can offer significant creative opportunity, and an understanding of our client's particular preferences is important to early design decisions. Interior joinery such as the staircase is often a central feature of a house and may set the quality of the key spaces. Again, key opportunities are often woven directly into the early design decisions, whilst at a later stage we can produce detailed working drawings and specifications from which others are able to cost and carry out the requirement.