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timber construction

Oak & heavy frames
We have considerable experience in working with traditional oak frame buildings, both new build constructions and restoration / conversion work such as barn conversions.

These projects call for detailed understanding of the frame structure itself and then working closely with it. With new build frames (houses or extensions), we seek to generate a design which has a natural fit with the timber frame. In the restoration/conversion scenario we may look for a solution where the spatial qualities of the structure relate to the intervention work (sub division), created within.

In contrast to other common building technologies, the intention with oak frame is usually to keep structure visible and on display. This calls for technical solutions to the building envelope and services which support that objective, rather than standard answers.

Modern timber frames

In contrast to oak frames, these frames are often concealed behind other finishes. The key attractions of this approach include that it offers good design flexibility, good potential for achieving high levels of thermal insulation, and may be a cost effective and efficient solution. Our main use of this approach has been for new build houses.

Modern timber frame may also seek to make the structural elements visible, such as the kitchen extension at The Hut.